Facilities Management

Tailored to suit your business


There are many variants of facilities providers for companies to choose from. With client’s SLA ranging from the need for a Principal Facilities Provider, typically a management company focused upon the delivery of support services for the organisation managing the client’s entire hard services including HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), cleaning, vending etc. Where the workforce is mainly engaged and managed directly through the facilities provider.

Usually this works well for the larger organisations but is not necessarily a good fit for the small to medium sized companies. And of course, the management company is a business where there’s a cost for their service.

Our service works well for the small to medium sized businesses requiring more control of their facilities and costs preferring a smaller more niche provider ticking the boxes and D.I.WHY is a good fit for those clients. Here’s what we can offer.

Overseeing Hard Services

Our service can assist the many companies that already have trusted engineers servicing and maintaining their boilers and air conditioning etc, but don’t have the time, and sometimes the knowledge, to oversee the scheduling and documentation of these important assets by liaising with your providers checking insurance and the correct qualifications are up to date.

Check all RAM’s are in place, agreed and signed off, Health and Safety is adhered to, permits to work, site inductions and documentation, all to ensure your assets are serviced to industry standards and documented as required.

Permits to Work

We can manage you permits to work, and or implement a system including documentation for permits to work.

Site Inductions

We can manage you site inductions, and or implement a system including documentation for site inductions.

Manage PPM’s and Documentation

We can manage you sites PPM’s (planned preventative maintenance) and documentation, and or implement a system including PPM’s and documentation.

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